• Are you on the path of burnout?

    Determine the extent of your burnout and find out if it’s time for personal support

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    Complete this quiz and you'll find out:

    • What stage of burnout are you at and what it might mean for you?
    • Are you triggered by any potential traumas that derails you at work and life?
    • If your culture and environment is affecting your burnout?
    • Should you seek professional support to help you overcome burnout?
    • General recommendations and approach to take to overcome or further prevent burnout
    • COVID-19 updated
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    About the Quiz

    Burnout is a growing epidemic in the workplace, so don’t feel too frustrated about being on the path of burn out. Feel proud that you’ve gained awareness around it and that you’re actively seeking resources to overcome it.


    That’s most likely why you’re here right?


    We developed this quiz to help you get clear on your level of burnout, if you can easily change course with prevention practices or if you’re beyond that point of no return and should consider professional support.

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    What the Community Says

    When we researched the questions for this survey, we reached out to mental health practitioners and leaders in the workplace who help people overcome burnout, have overcome it themselves and used it successfully as a platform for their personal and career transformation.


    These aren't a set of nice theories, or ideas. It's from research, stories, experiences and evidence that's developed around an important premise: clinical processes that work.

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  • Resources for HR Professionals

    Expand Personal Insights into Organizational Insights

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    Workplace Burnout Response Playbook

    Looking for workplace burnout expertise to Burnout Proof your organization?

    Join us on a free 4-part webinar mini-series we use to train People Ops and HR leaders on how to successfully integrate a burnout response program in their HR Programs.

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    Studies and Research on Burnout

    Want to know what's the latest science around burnout?

    With the support of many thought leaders and those on the front lines of the mental health community, we've put together a list of articles and research to help you learn deeper about burnout and what we can do to effectively overcome it.

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