• Wellbeing is the new performance.

    We help leaders and workplaces overcome burnout and develop an empowering high performance culture

  • About the Burnout Recovery Accelerator

    Supporting Wellbeing & Performance in the Workplace

    The Burnout Recovery Accelerator is committed to the practice, education, and providing of expert care for people who struggle with burnout to restore balance in their lives. We believe your career and work are an extension of who you are and the talents you embody to make a meaningful difference in your organization and the world.


    Our team is highly dedicated to ensuring quality care and support, towards encouraging a lifestyle that's healthy, fulfilling, and empowering. We focus on certified clinical processes and holistic practices to support mental health and emotional well-being.


    Working with corporate HR teams, workplace leaders, and entrepreneurs, we ensure that we can support you and your leaders and teams to break through burnout and be an engaged, creative, and optimally performing member of your organization.

  • Burnout is a Real Thing.

    (and it's costly.)

    30% of Millennial's are very often burnt out at work

    Employees with severe Burnout are 2.6X likely to leave employer

    Turnover conservatively costs 30% of an employees annual salary

  • Our Services

    Renew Your Career and Empower Your Organization with Us

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    Integrated Workplace Burnout Recovery Programs

    People Development & Workplace Wellbeing

    Facilitated workshops to help educate leaders and members in your organization about the costs of burnout and tools for rapid burnout intervention and recovery

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    Therapeutic Vacations and Burnout Retreats

    A Clinical Recovery Getaway

    From relaxation to adventure, our Burnout Retreats takes place with our premium resort partners. We rapidly supercharge your career and release the baggage holding you back

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    Personalized Recovery Coaching

    Accountability & Change Partner

    Recovery coaching for leaders. We help keep leaders focused on change work, navigate problem situations, and achieve personal and professional goals