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    Are you in HR, a Business Leader, Executive or a Workplace Wellness Professional?

    Don't give any reasons for workplace burnout.

    For you, or your People.

  • With limited wellness budgets and over-stretched HR teams...

    (HR and managers aren't therapists, nor should they be.)

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    Talent Attraction

    It's been clear that well-being and a sense of purpose have been a chief ask among early talent, the millennial cohort, and senior leaders. Make a public commitment to a burnout-proof workplace, and a part of your Total Rewards offering.

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    Employee Experience

    Integrate burnout prevention and recovery awareness into your onboarding process, with stay and exit interviews to overcome the mental health stigma. Provide a clear channel for your employees to identify burnout behavior in the workplace.

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    Burnout Response Training

    Train your workplace, whether leadership, management, or teams to be responsive when making decisions that will impact their mental health. Learn and develop skills to help your people be and perform at their best.

  • Get equipped at no-cost.

    (And at No Risk. Burnout-related turnover is 100% preventable.)


    Make a Commitment

    Use the Burnout Proof Guarantee stamp with your talent attraction, hiring, and total rewards.


    Be Responsive & De-Stigmatize Burnout

    Raise awareness and train your employees on workplace burnout.


    People & Employee Training

    Train your employees on burnout recovery skills and resilience tools. Heal the individual.


    HR & Manager Training

    Train your managers to check in, measure and coach your employees on wellbeing and performance. Heal the burnout culture.


    Last line of burnout defense

    If any employees consider quitting citing burnout, refer them to a burnout retreat for recovery so they will stay as a workplace investment.


    Employee chooses not to stay

    If the employee still chooses to leave, we will support their recovery at our cost.

  • FAQs

    Got questions? Here are some common ones.


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