• About the NLP Burnout Retreat

    Mental and Emotional Release + Escape Relaxation Getaway + Integration Coaching

    Breakthrough Burnout Session

    Experience deep level change and personal transformation with a Breakthrough Session. Using the clinical process of M.E.R., you will release deep seeded anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt in a few hours along with the limitations that burn you out

    Travel & Adventure

    Get the #YOLO out of your system. Who says you can't have a therapeutic life transformation and have fun too!

    Blissful Relaxation

    Escape and decompress for a moment away from your stressful environment. Give yourself permission to think, contemplate, and dream in paradise. 

    Exploring Culture

    Develop your capacity for leadership and internal resources by experiencing the wisdom teachings of ancient cultures and translating them into our 21st century complexities

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  • What are the Benefits?

    Mental Emotional Release® + Escape Relaxation Getaway + Integration Coaching

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    Rapid Release of Limiting Emotions and Beliefs

    Breakthrough Burnout

    Burnout happens when unconscious habits have you submit to mental, emotion and physically draining behaviors. By releasing these mental blocks and emotional baggage you will gain the flexibility to make new healthy choices.

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    Extremely Low to No Remission

    Empowerment at its Best

    Clinically and Academically studied to show MER with no remissions after even 5 years. Our process is designed to achieve wholeness and get results quickly. Clients leave focused with powerful positive goals.

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    No Reliving Negative Experiences

    Not Your Typical Therapy

    We use the most leading edge processes that goes straight to the unconscious structure of where your beliefs and emotions are held and dissolve the boundaries holding them in your nervous system. No need to relive and share your painful memories.

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    Personal Development and a Great Vacation

    All in One Package

    Whether you just need an escape or love to travel, we believe you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to your personal transformation. Use your vacation days for a memorable experience that will guarantee to change your life.

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    Gain New Skills and Work Strategies

    Leadership Development

    Bring new leadership skills to your organization and be a role model and catalyst for positive change and help develop a culture of high performance without burning out your team and yourself in the process.

  • How It Works

    Our 3-Month Program is Designed to Transform You


    Personal and Team In-take

    We help you to identify burnout within the leader and team. We prepare the group for the process, meet with the practitioners and establish goals and cover concerns to have a success breakthrough session


    Breakthrough Session

    Our two-day session activates your mental limitations and emotional blocks. Then using the MER process to release your limiting conditions and set a positive future for your empowered career path


    Burnout Recovery

    Our three-month program helps you use your deep motivators, effectively communicate across the organization, create meaning out of your work, build trust networks, and take engaged action to get results



    & Support

    Define your outcomes, take focused action with a coach to help you execute your plan. We help you to navigate challenges using different tools and techniques to help you fully tap into your resources

  • Clinical Work with Proven Processes

    Board Certified with the Association of Integrative Psychology

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    Mental Emotional Release Process

    Fast with very low remissions

    Our clinical practitioners are Board Certified Master Practitioners of Mental Emotional Release, trained to effectively lead breakthrough sessions

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    Guided Meditations & Hypnotherapy

    Remove triggers and install changes

    Our clinical practitioners are Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists with tools to effectively change habits and reinforce learnings at an unconscious level

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    Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    Quickly modify beliefs and behaviors

    Our clinical practitioners are Board Certified Master Practitioners of NLP equipped with knowledge, tools and techniques to quickly help create change

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    Mental and Emotional Release

    Learn more about the clinically and academically proven therapeutic process effective in treating emotional and mental issues

  • Book a Confidential Consultation Now

    Speak with one of our specialists on how this program will be right for you

  • F.A.Q.

    Got questions? You're not the only one, here are some popular ones

    What is Mental Emotional Release®?

    Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy is a clinically researched approach to help you release stress, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions. You will be able to utilize MER to overcome procrastination, depression and phobias.


    We recommend you buy the Mental Emotional Release book above and read the first four chapters before you make any decisions.

    How fast can I breakthrough my burnout?

    The breakthrough process is a 2-day, 8 hour process. After the two days, we will release all the limiting beliefs and emotional baggage associated with your chosen area of life. During our follow up sessions, we will use other tools to clean up any unwarranted behaviors that may slow you down from moving forward.

    What if I'm currently seeing a therapist?

    That's great! We are a complementary therapeutic approach that support other modalities. We will require a referral from your therapist to ensure that you get the best out of your treatments and ensure that we all share the same highest goals for your well-being.

    Can I do this alone?

    To get the most benefit out of the treatment, you will work will a qualified Breakthrough Practitioner. We also encourage you to work with others in your organization for increased accountability and follow through after the process, however we do accept individual consults and offer coaching services. Make an appointment with us so we can learn more about your personal needs.

    Will I end up quitting my job after this?

    No. You'll feel much more resourceful and motivated to focus on your goals. However, with your new found resources you'll be more aware of the type of environment that is more aligned to your personal values to help you design your own meaningful work.

    How does this relate to job performance?

    You will feel more engaged and determined to achieve the goals that fulfill who you are. You will also learn new leadership skills to help you appropriately set the healthy boundaries to prevent future burnout and identify unhealthy work habits in your life and environment.

    Is this going to be expensive?

    We have designed this program to fit the budget of a typical quality vacation. So if you are intending to use travel abroad as your form of escape, then consider this program as an option to get a deeper level of transformation with the benefits of relaxation, culture and adventure you might be looking for in your next vacation getaway from your burnout. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about the program.

    Do you cover insurance or any financial assistance?

    We do not cover any health insurance, however we do recommend you speak with your HR team around benefits to use your Wellness Spending Account, Personal Spending Account or training and development budget set aside to supplement the cost of this program. Speak with us about setting up a payment plan if you qualify.

    Is there a virtual therapy option?

    Yes, we have a virtual clinic option hosted on a HIPPA compliant system.

    Are flights and accommodation included?

    No. Flights and accommodation are not included in the program. We have partners and agents who can help you get the best deal with your stay as well as offer packages to fit your vacation needs.

    Are the tropical resorts safe?

    Yes, all our resort partners make it a priority for your safety. However, it is important to also take precautions like using Credit Cards over cash and be mindful of not getting overly intoxicated with alcohol during your stay. Our therapeutic session will be hosted at a private meeting space in a hotel.

    Are partner resorts safe given COVID-19?

    Yes, all our partner resorts have spent tremendous resources and detailed focus to ensure they comply with tight government COVID-19 regulations. This includes masks worn by both staff and guests at all times, physical distancing measures, increased sanitization of public spaces and hand sanitization stations. All spa and treatments will be privately scheduled and subject to closure with public health mandates.