• Are you ready to quit smoking?

    A method that's simple, fast, and effectively proven to work with no side effects.

  • Want to know how?

    We take a non-willpower approach to help you overcome stress related smoking


    No Willpower Needed

    Just sit down comfortably, plug in and relax. No side effects.


    Immediate Results

    You come out of the session relaxed with your cravings gone


    No Cravings

    Full identity shift, no withdrawal symptoms and build new powerful habits as a non-smoker

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    The Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes Program is a proven system that has been successfully helping smokers quit for over 20 years, with over a 90% success rate. All our Quit Smoking Specialists are accredited by the Association of Integrative Psychology.

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    For whatever reason, if you slide back into smoking habits within 90 days and there's nothing further we can do, we will provide a full refund. We make it our goal to help you become a non-smoker for life.

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    Take Action and Make a Difference for You to Quit Smoking

  • F.A.Q.

    Got questions? You're not the only one, here are some popular ones

    Is this program right for me?

    While we have high success rates with this program, there are a few conditions we look for: You want to quit. You are committed to take responsibility for your change. You might have tried quitting before, and now you are looking for additional help doing so.


    The QS60 process has been developed and refined for over 20 years and this system will make becoming a non-smoker easy. Here’s what to expect during your session:

    • Feeling relaxed, focused, and comfortable
    • Advice and coaching on making this change permanent
    • Walking out 60 minutes later as a non- smoker for life!

    Book a free consultation and let us learn if we are a fit and more about how we can help you quit smoking.

    Does Hypnosis work?

    According to an independent University of Washington School of Medicine study, hypnotherapy has a 90.6% success rate helping smokers quit. Even 3 years after their original session! You can become a non-smoker in just 60 minutes and it can be easier than most people believe is possible. This means:

    • NO cravings or feelings of addiction
    • NO weight gain
    • NO nervousness or anxiety

    While a lot of people think that only some people can be hypnotized, the truth is that anyone can be hypnotized. In fact, hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that we go in and out of at various times during the day (and before going to sleep).

    What are other types of smoking cessation methods?

    The most popular smoking cession methods include:

    • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (Patches, Gums, Inhalers, Vaping)
    • Prescription Medication (Champix, Zyban, etc.)
    • Acupuncture and Cold Laser Therapy
    • Cold Turkey / Self-Help / Do-it-Yourself
    While each process has its own pros and cons, the general questions to consider are time, convenience, withdrawal symptoms and side effects, post-cravings and remission, and cost. Quitting smoking is a personal and empowering journey, so whatever you find, make sure it is safe and something you are comfortable and confident in.

      Why can't people just quit?

      The average smoker has made at least 7 unsuccessful attempts to quit.

      Generally people believe they are addicted to nicotine, but it is the psychological addiction and the triggers that lead people back to smoking. As many smokers have been smoking for long periods of time, it has hardened many small yet vital lifestyle habits to smoke from waking up, driving, eating, taking breaks, socializing, etc.


      That's why most treatments to quit smoking focus only on surface level symptoms, and do not deal with the root causes of what keeps a person hooked on cigarettes while others easily and effortlessly live their lives cigarette free.

      What are the side effects with this program?

      Hypnosis is completely safe. You cannot be made to do anything against your will, and you will be in control of your thoughts and actions throughout the entire process. The only side effects you’ll feel are peace and relaxation!

      How much does this program cost?

      Smokers on average spend about $350-$570 a month. With this program you will be making money back within a month or two. We guarantee our work with a money back guarantee for the first 90 days. If you require financial assistance, talk to us about a payment plan option.

      Does health insurance cover this program?

      No, unfortunately insurance generally covers prescription medication with counselling and some forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. If you are on an employment or special insurance plan, check under the extended health benefits if it covers hypnotherapy or alternative health practices.

      Do I need any follow up sessions?

      Generally you walk out as a non-smoker after a 60 minute session. We do a follow up call, and have a support and coaching channel we open if there are any additional urges to consider smoking again that we offer free of charge.