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  • "Put your staff first, customers second, and shareholders third."

    - Richard Branson

    Our Management Team at the Burnout Clinic

    Shirley Zhou, C.Ht, M.MER, M.NLP

    Co-Founder, Head of People & Happiness

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    Duncan So, C.Ht, M.MER, M.NLP

    Co-Founder, Head of Empowerment & Executive Director

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    Bernabel Ico

    Client Operations Manager, Belize

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    Ulrica Cheng

    Marketing and Community Lead

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    Consulting Health Practitioners and Advisers

    Dr. Richard Reid, Ph.D

    Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach

    Richard is the CEO, head of clinical services and senior executive coach at Pinnacle Wellbeing Services.


    As a practicing coach, qualified psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist, he has advised Google, Morgan Stanley, Transport for London, Ernst & Young, The Priory, the City of London Police and many other organisations.


    Reid has also shared his knowledge on Sky One, BBC Breakfast, This Morning, Bloomberg and Radio 5Live and in various newspapers and magazines.


    Dr. Reid is certified in EMDR, CBT, EFT, and sensorimotor psychotherapy. A keynote speaker and corporate trainer.

    Patrick Bensen

    Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach

    Patrick Bensen is both an Organizational Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist. As an entrepreneur, he understands the need of CEOs and HR managers without losing focus on preoccupations and worries coming from employees.


    A renowned business coach and member of the Forbes Business Coaches Council. Member of the steering committee for the American Psychological Association’s PHWA, Bensen has coached and brought advice to many important businesses like Air Canada, Apple inc, and the Alberta Government.


    Member of the Canadian Psychological Association, the International Association for counselling (IAC) has consultation rights to the United Nations speaking on advanced psychology practices. Registered as an expert in Organization Change for the EU Commission.


    He is a keynote speaker and course facilitator, promoting global psychologically healthy workplace standards.

    Gideon Strich, M.D., F.A.C.R.

    Physician Coach, Master Practitioner NLP

    Dr. Strich worked for 25 years as a hospital based diagnostic and interventional radiologist in a level 2 trauma center, a position associated with a lot of time and performance stress, before suffering career ending burnout at the age of 59.


    Prior to that time, he had served as chairman of the hospital physician well-being committee, dealing with physicians with substance abuse issues and, more frequently, behavioural issues that impeded their ability to effectively practice in the hospital environment.


    After recovering from career ending burnout in 2013, Dr. Strich spent a year training to become a Certified Professional Coach in order to help other medical professionals to manage the rapid changes and increasing stresses in the healthcare arena.


    In addition to his 30 years of clinical experience in academic, hospital and private practice environments, he brings training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction under Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, and a 25 year personal mindfulness practice in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.


    He has enjoyed teaching the radiology residents at UCI Medical Center for the last 28 years and is currently Clinical Professor of Radiological Sciences at University of California, Irvine.

    Kerri Brock, HNCP, CAPP

    Certified Career Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner

    The joy that I get when I witness the shift in how someone takes up their possibilities is what brings me to each session.


    I use my strengths of curiosity, perspective, and resourcefulness to show clients the steps toward the path of their purpose and unblock the obstacles that impede clarity, and then connect them to networks and resources for intentional exploration.


    I utilize my assets of Certificates in Applied Positive Psychology, Family Trauma and Organizational Change combined with 25+ years of experience in a variety of sectors; Technology, Data & Loyalty Marketing, Social Enterprise, and roles; project & change management, learning & development, sales & marketing, fundraising and facilitation & coaching to deliver effective coaching programs and human capital interventions.


    My natural interests and desires flow into one another and meet at the point of human flourishing & self-love. I want to start a self-love movement.

    Our Collaborators and Technology Partners

    Avail App

    Avail is an employee engagement and well-being management solution. Avail proactively supports employees across the spectrum of well-being by helping them understand the roots of their well-being challenges, and find personalized care resources for them to persevere.


    With brief weekly mental health & well-being check-ups that detect issues early, Avail direct members towards care resources and identify when the organization as a whole is at risk.


    Through Avail, members can access a network of 24/7 on-demand care professionals to help them be at their best.

    Vacation Fund

    Vacation Fund is a cost-effective strategy for competitive companies to attract talent, reduce the risk of burnout, and increase employee retention.

    Vacation Fund allows employees to direct a portion of their paycheck into a separate Vacation Fund Account, and allows companies to top up those contributions.


    The Vacation Fund also helps organizations and employees improve their relationship around workplace wellness and creates a culture that prevents burnout prevalent with the demands of the modern workplace.

    Sales Health Alliance

    The Sales Health Alliance was created to empower salespeople and leaders to reach peak levels of sales performance and well-being through better Mental Health.


    The Sales Health Alliance is an alliance of salespeople, sales leaders, mental health experts and technology providers committed to creating awareness around Mental Health in sales.


    The Sales Health Alliance helps sales teams develop their EQ and build resilience to stressful experiences that arise while working in sales.

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