• Our Workplace Burnout Response Program

    We provide corporate and organizational training to enable leaders to gain the necessary information and skills to design and implement a culture that reduces burnout and promotes engaged and high performance leaders and teams

    Values and Navigating the Organization

    Creating a Highly Engaged and Resonate Culture

    Learning what's important to an organization and aligning it to what's important to each person is critical, ensures a culture has the same internal natural motivation and shares an identity that is reflected by the actions across the organization.


    We will be covering the topics with insightful exercises around:

    • Values, Activating your Values
    • World Views and Values Systems
    • Personalities and Meta Programs
    • Using the MPVITM assessment
    • Active Listening and Empathy 
    • Cause and Effect

    Purpose and Meaningful Work

    Utilizing Talent, Passion and Skills

    Creating purpose and meaningful work begins with understanding who we are as individuals and who we want to become. Through self-understanding and self-experience, following with organization design principles, your organization can begin to deeply incorporate purpose and meaning at work.


    We will be covering topics with insightful exercises around:

    • What is Purpose and how to create meaning
    • Designing Around Your Personal Avatar 
    • Integrating Passion to Skills
    • Communicating Your Purpose/Mission
    • The 4 Selves + 3 Bodies Framework 
    • Science of Empowerment: Be/Do/Have

    Realizing Career Goals and Experiences

    Science Behind Achievement

    From successful leadership to entrepreneurship, we will look at the process of what it takes to create something from nothing. Using only your positive motivation, a clear mind-heart and resourcefulness, how you can set yourself in motion to actualize your ideals and dreams into reality.


    We will be covering topics with insightful exercises around:

    • Cause and Effect
    • Goal Setting (SMART2)
    • Cognitive Chunking
    • Four Requisites for Change
    • Limiting Beliefs, Decisions and Emotional Baggage
    • High Performance States
    • Mind-Heart-Body Decision Making

    Empowerment & Effective Communication

    The Science Behind Win-Win Relationships

    Self Leadership is about collectively catalyzing everyone's ability for high performance, and that starts with each individual. Understanding self-mastery to fulfill the organization's purpose, mission and objectives allows for both the leader and company to both flourish.


    We will be covering topics with insightful exercises around:

    • Cause and Effect
    • NLP Theory of Change
    • Perception is Interpretation
    • Hierarchy of Ideas and Framing Agreement
    • Active Listening and Meta Model
    • Setting Boundaries
  • F.A.Q.

    Got questions? You're not the only one, here are some popular ones

    What is NLP?

    NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. NLP is a set of tools and techniques, but it is so much more than that. It is an attitude and a methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get results.

    Is NLP related to therapy or counselling?

    We don't follow approaches of diagnosing and treating symptoms or give advice by listening to your problems. With NLP, we utilize different tools and techniques to rapidly change unconscious behaviors, access resourceful states, resolve internal conflicts, shift beliefs and remove limitations with our goal to help you get results.

    What is Coaching?

    Coaching has become a vital management and leadership tool. It gives the structured support, guidance and confidence to enable clients to develop and continue to improve their performance. The goal of coaching is to be thought provoking and ask deeper questions that are potent and powerful to help create new patterns for clients to take action and achieve their desired outcomes.

    Why Coaching?

    We believe coaching as a practice is here to stay in the Future of Work, especially when it comes to creating meaningful work. Being engaged means being accountable to yourself and motivated to want to be creative for your organization. It's also the company vision and mission that drives your own personal goals and achievements, and a coach is someone that can help you keep focused towards them.

    What are the responsibilities of the coach?

    Coaches responsibilities include helping clients discover, clarify and align with what the clients wants to achieve. Encourage the client's self-discovery process. Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies to help them take action and achieve their goals. Utilize NLP tools and techniques to assist the client in achieving their goals. Holding the client responsible and accountable.

    Are Coaches experts in the Client's professional field?

    Coaching is different from consulting or mentorship. Coaching is a do-with process. The client is an expert in his or her own career and life - the coaches responsibility is to hold the space for the client's vision, and help client's tap into their own resources and insights to become personally and professionally empowered.

    How is Breakthrough coaching different than other coaching services?

    Breakthrough coaching focuses on releasing limiting beliefs, decisions and emotional baggage before setting goals and taking action. This ensures that client's don't project their deeper rooted issues onto their goals and actions, and subsequently achieving their goals to discover it doesn't align to what's deeply important.

    Are there public workshops?

    Our corporate workshops are designed and focused on private clients only. We value creating results and working directly with leaders and teams to ensure that the knowledge and action plans are tailored to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities within our client organization. If you're personally looking to learn about these topics, we can assist you in bringing these workshops to your organization.

    Can workshops and coaching be done online?

    While we recommend in-person as it's a more comfortable, immersive and social experience with our partnered network of resort and wellness locations, we have virtual venue as well. Our virtual therapy is done using Thera-Link and HIPPA compliant so it's secure and designed for therapeutic work. Either or, the therapeutic outcomes are the same.

    Is this program and training useful for burnout prevention?

    Our core focus is around burnout intervention and recovery. While it's important to avoid burnout with maintenance practices like resilience training, mental health check ins, mindfulness, breathing techniques, self-care, journaling, talk therapy, etc., it's not very effective when you're struggling with mild to severe burnout. Intervention is designed to stop the causes of burnout within the nervous system.

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