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    Learn how you can easily overcome burnout

    Empowering the way you work.

  • Some history about me and The Burnout Clinic...

    Before my wife and I decided to begin our journey with the Burnout Clinic, both of us were on the change and transformation side of the equation - supercharging and creating empowerment in people's lives.


    I ran a school, which you'll see above with the book, developing social impact leaders to deepen their impact and change work...


    And the common thread and bridge of transformation for those who made it into a successful career, rather than making social good a passion project was coming to terms with our own inner pains and trauma.


    The school had developed a program called START YOUR IMPACT JOURNEY, and like myself, while successful in the corporate world - knew we could do something more... something, deeper and more personally fulfilling.


    All of us coming in had the skills, success and the can-do attitude...

    But have been so burned out, empty and starving for meaning inside.


    That sense of not belonging, emptiness and even loneliness comes with its emotional baggage.

    Resentment, anger, fear, hurt, shame, despair...


    And time in and time out would sabotage us from achieving our own greatness and put us back to sleep in our golden corporate comforts.


    This program guided leaders and took them on a step-by-step journey that would resolve many of their life's traumas to create that breakthrough and shift their career work into their calling work.


    When I came back full circle to the corporate workplace to support and mentor those who shared that similar story, what I didn't expect was the growing and deepening problem of workplace burnout.


    What started with a small set of people looking for an escape, had now been reported at nearly 40% of organizations - and now as of 2021 with the global pandemic, at nearly 75% as this growing and rising epidemic.


    The difference was I had the clinical tools and experience to intervene. In a moment of this global need, would fast-track years if not decades of deep work into weeks for those on the path of burnout looking for a way out.


    In 2019, I decided to venture out, starting a new impact journey, and founded the Burnout Clinic.


    If you're here and feeling burned out, I'm here to promise you that overcoming can be a very transformational journey that's painless, freeing, and full of deeply rewarding revelations.


    Take this first step and our clinic looks forward to supporting you on this empowering part of your life's journey.


    Duncan So

    Co-Founder and Executive Director,

    The Burnout Clinic