• Pandemic Fears and Worries?

    Feel instantly calm and focused so you can better handle these extraordinary times

  • The fastest and easiest way to deep relaxation.

    Quiet the Mental Chatter and Volatile Emotions Through a Heightened Relaxed State

    • Lack of connection with physical distancing
    • Frustration and anxiety living and working at home with heightened anxiety and worries from job loss or financial insecurity
    • Worry and sadness from daily upsetting news
    • Unhealthy eating or sleeping patterns
    • Loss of routine and consistency
    • Feeling alone, lost and spaced out
    • Fear and worry about your health, and well-being of children or parents
    • Overwhelmed with emotions like sadness and anxiety
    • Experiencing panic and constant concern
    • Highly irritable and emotionally reactive
    • Difficulty with focus and concentration
    • Feeling of fatigue and emotional withdrawal
    • Guilt from not being able to perform at your normal best

    Our Support team is here to help you over the Phone and Internet. You'll receive a series of emails and videos to help with your mental and emotional health for the next two weeks with access to our support team.

  • This is How It Works

    By Removing the Underlying Triggers of Stress


    Rapid Relaxation

    Combining music and guided instructions, you will be put into a state of rapid relaxation for your mind and body


    Guided Visualization

    Begin helping your mind disconnect from burnout limitations and creating a deeper meaning around relaxation


    Remove Stress Triggers

    Release common stress related triggers associated with the situation of COVID-19


    Installing Positive Behaviours

    Shift your unconscious behaviours to healthy routines that provide balance and energy