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Our Value and Promise To You

At the Burnout Clinic, we make it our priority to operate out of our higher values.

We do it as an organization, and aligned it with the personal values of our team and clients. That’s what we believe makes us a conscious company, and we pay attention to all the details to live by that example.

The Breakthrough Burnout program is our flagship clinical process that rapidly helps clients who are burning out in their careers, turn that around and get on a path of creating meaningful work for themselves.

Our promise to you:

  • We will help you identify what deeply motivates you - positively and negatively
  • We go straight to the root causes, and we know it stems much deeper than the workplace
  • We will activate and connect the neural pathways that trigger the negative emotions and behaviors that sap your energy with your problems related to burnout, and dissolve those emotional charges held within your autonomic nervous system
  • We will release your limiting beliefs, decisions and emotional baggage that stop you from moving towards your meaningful career
  • We will clear the negative motivators from your values so you can experience a congruent and move towards motivation towards your goals
  • We will help you design a positive future for your career aligned to your values and install them into your unconscious mind
  • We will train you on the strategies, practices and tools to help you create meaningful work for yourself and your organization

When you look back after this experience, we promise you it will be an incredible and profoundly liberating experience

While the therapeutic processes are important, we also recognize that personal choices and your environment matters.

Most people tend to enjoy their vacations as down time to recharge, but what we’ve found are those on the path of burnout need more than more sleep, an escape and some memorable experiences.

Having a therapeutic experience doesn’t have to be boring.

We combine our therapy together with the paradise of the country of Belize, and all the amazing experiences it has to offer.

From the breath-taking calm, pampering and relaxation you get from the resort life, to the adventures of scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing in the world’s second largest barrier reef…

To the cultural exploration of the jungles of Belize; ziplining, cave tubing, waterfall rappelling, making chocolate to climbing the ruins of the Mayan temples

You are getting a personal transformation in paradise.

If deep and life transformational therapy for your burnout isn’t what you and your organization needs now, we also offer corporate workshops around designing cultures for high performing meaningful work on-site here in Belize.

So if you’re a conscious leader, change maker or social entrepreneur in an organization looking to create a deeper level of engagement and meaningful work, book a discovery strategy call with us and let’s see how we can assist you on that journey.

A little about me... Hi! I'm Duncan So, Executive Director at, the Founder & Chief Catalyst of, a Systems Change Agency, and the Head of Global Education at the Phinklife Institute for Social Impact empowering leaders for social impact.

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