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Who We Are and Our Mission at The Burnout Clinic

The Burnout Clinic is not just a community in itself, we are part of many different communities of conscious leaders, organizations and movements.

We are a part of the collective movement to elevate the consciousness of the planet, and we do that by helping those who are on the path of burnout use that as a catalyst to accelerate their own journey toward their own meaningful careers.

We value empowerment, being true to who you are and fully expressing your natural gifts and talents with passion and joy!

We believe that your values; what’s important to you in the context of your career and life really matters. That’s what gives you that life force, energy and motivation to deeply express who you are and deeply experience and enjoy life.

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Our Values at the Burnout Clinic

Inspiration, joy, love, growth and gracefully creating abundance in your life aren’t just the values we operate by, it’s the founding principles we use as our philosophy and approach to how the clinic operates.

That’s what makes us choose to use leading edge clinical processes like Mental Emotional Release ® and NLP to help our clients get change and results rapidly.

That’s what makes us choose to host corporate workshops around creating meaningful work cultures, with a lens of empowerment respecting the principles behind doing what you love and making a sustainable profit for you and your organization.

That’s what makes us choose coaching as a practice, because we know that it’s easier to do it together with someone and have that unconditional support and encouragement, coupled with effective tools, to focus on the action to realize your goals.

That’s what makes us choose the paradise of Belize as an environment that demonstrates bustling life and growth…

A full spectrum experience from the natural flows and relaxation of its resorts and beaches, to the adventures of the ocean and jungle, and exploring the ancient wisdom traditions of the Mayan to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

That’s what makes us choose to work with conscious leaders, change makers and social entrepreneurs, and the organizations that support them.

If that resonates with and you’re looking to work with us here, feel free to contact us at:

We share and embody a clear purpose to Empower the Planet.

Our mission is to create meaningful work for leaders, organizations and communities who want to empower the people, causes and communities important to them.

To redefine the workplace as a vital community to empower humanity.

In other words, changing how we work in a more empowering way.

If you feel you’re on the path of burnout and want to create a meaningful career for yourself, or possibly someone you know in your organization…

And all this speaks to you, then feel free to book an appointment with us so we can learn how we can better assist you and your organization on the path of creating meaningful work.

Until then, #WithJoyandLove #KeepthePassionAlive

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Founders of the Burnout Clinic,
Shirley Zhou & Duncan So

A little about me... Hi! I'm Duncan So, Executive Director at, the Founder & Chief Catalyst of Phinklife, a Systems Change Agency, and the Head of Global Education at the Phinklife Institute for Social Impact empowering leaders for social impact.

Want to breakthrough your burnout and creating meaningful work for yourself or your organization? Start here at: