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What are the 16 Symptoms of Burnout


Here are 16 signs to let you know that you might be on the path to burnout:

  1. High Anxiety
  2. Exhaustion / Fatigue / Poor sleep
  3. Chronic Worry
  4. Boredom
  5. Apathy / Detachment
  6. Low Motivation and Drive
  7. Lack of productivity / Spacing out
  8. Irritable, Frustration and sensitive to stress
  9. Lack of Creativity
  10. Cynical / Negative attitude / Outlook / Resentment and Bitterness
  11. Low Commitment / Flakiness / Not showing up
  12. Forgetfulness / Poor Concentration
  13. Muscle tension
  14. Hypertension
  15. Poor Immune / Easy to get sick
  16. Weight Gain

Now any of these symptoms doesn’t mean you’re on the path of burnout, we’ll go over each of these in four different posts on how you would know if it’s related to burnout.

While these conditions are related to work, it can also apply in other areas of your life, such as relationships as well.

The most important thing to recognize when it comes to burnout is it’s a condition related with your mental and emotional health.

And the chief concern is chronic stress and strain, especially if it has turned into a demanding lifestyle that you accept as normal.

In other words, getting into a short term fight or flight mode isn’t abnormal - it’s a natural bodily function that we are prepared to engage with. 


However, when your nervous system is always under attack by your environment and your thinking and behaviors in a problem-reaction-solution cycle...

Then that’s a welcoming sign to burnout.

Perhaps it’s easier to first define burnout by describing what it isn’t.

Not burning out is when we think of relaxation, calmness, getting into the flow of life, being creative and passionate, resting and healing, and being at ease…

These are all natural states that allows us to perform at our peak.

When you wake up feeling well rested and naturally inspired and motivated to go forward with your day…

And at peace and accomplished before you go to bed, then these are all positive signs of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Now if you’re already thinking that sounds like some vacation, perhaps even a far cry truth from your fast paced demanding reality

Then your reality has more control over you than you think and merits deeply considering if you are on a path of burnout.

So where would you start from here?

Take a look at signs of burnout and if the circumstances align to your current career.

If you feel like you’re clearly on the path of burnout and want to rapidly turn it around and use it as an opportunity to learn the skills to create meaningful work for yourself...

Then feel free to learn more at and book a discovery strategy appointment with our team today, and we would love to learn how we can assist you on your journey

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