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Employee Total Rewards and Wellbeing | Overcoming Burnout One Vacation at a Time

If you’re a People Leader in HR looking for an effective employee engagement, total rewards, total wellness and benefits and compensation program with a high ROI... this might be for you.

One of our collaborators that we’re excited to share about is Vacation Fund.

Led by CEO Erica Pearson, she began her journey with burnout and growing up realized that travel was such a powerful escape to regain that sense of balance. Having traveled to over 40 countries during her early twenties, she connected the dots between planning for bucket list vacations to actually going on bucket list vacations.

But one thing was clear. While Millennial leaders (and Gen Z not far behind) are craving for these immersive and experiential escapes, cost was usually the biggest deterrent that stopped them from moving forward. So the brilliant team at the Vacation Fund realized they could solve this problem and create an easy win-win situation.

By partnering with HR and their organizations, Vacation Fund acts as an employer matched travel savings program. So if you’re ever wondering about benefits for employees that don’t really work, nor really care about to get them motivated instead of feeling entitled - this program might be something that can connect that meaning and deeper value to them from your organization.

How it works? Based on the creation of personalized bucket-list trips, employees set a budget that gets securely and automatically deducted from their paycheques into a secure fund. When their portion of the savings is met, employers then contribute to the rest of the budget needs.

Employees now have an easy and supported way to finance their vacations and trips.

Acting as a web based software platform, the integration into your organization’s payroll systems, and internal network is easy, fast and straight forward. Did I mention the interface is easy, eye-catching and friendly to use? (Phew… no need for a crazy training roll out just to use the benefit)

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Not just does this send a tangible signal to employees to take their vacations as part of a highly beneficial practice to relax and recharge (putting your organization’s money where their mouth is), it is commonly developed along-side total rewards, benefits and wellness initiatives as a way to promote healthy and vibrant work cultures. I believe it’s truly a win-win-win.

They’ve been featured on CBC, Techstars, Next Canada, BetaKit to name a few as one of the most innovative companies to look out for.

If you’d like to reach out to the Vacation Fund and learn how easy it is to bring it into your organization, you can reach out to Audrey Chan at:

Website for more information:

About the Burnout Clinic

The Burnout Clinic is committed to the practice, education and providing of expert care for people who struggle with burnout to restore balance in their lives. We believe your career and work is an extension of who you are and the talents you embody to make a meaningful difference in your organization and the world.

We specialize in Burnout Retreats and Therapeutic Vacations where we support leaders who struggle with burnout with our clinical two-day burnout intervention process. By combining leading edge clinical processes that are fast, painless, have little to no remission and doesn’t require reliving any memories with the vacation model; clients can experience a truly life transforming experience.

At the more extremes of burnout, our clinically proven processes has been used for over 40 years effectively with depression, high anxiety, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and insomnia, migraines and life enhancement.

You can learn more at:

While we truly appreciate the struggles of burnout and how it can be a dark and traumatic experience, we also know that breaking through it is a deeply life changing experience. Our clients come out regaining control of their lives, with a deep clarity and the freed up internal resources to lead more effectively without sacrificing the things important to them.

Our mission at the clinic is to redefine the workplace as a vital community to elevate humanity, with our goal to help leaders overcome burnout one vacation at a time.

Want to find out how you can bring therapeutic vacations into the workplace

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We would love to hear from you, your needs and how we can help your organization rapidly overcome employee burnout.

A little about me... Hi! I'm Duncan So, Executive Director at I’ve been a child of corporate burnout that has led me into the field of human flourishing for over a decade. I’ve been a social entrepreneur and change agent ever since, on a mission to create a more passionate world building systems and programs for companies and communities on the path of making social good.

Want to breakthrough your burnout and creating meaningful work for yourself or your organization? Start here at: